Payment methods

  • Payment by card:
    The rules of purchases are made by bank card. Bank cards accepted are: Visa and MasterCard. The purchase price will be charged to the customer's bank account, within 4 days from the day of the order and will be effective after confirmation of their agreement of the bank payment centers.
    In the event that the TPV (Terminal Point of Sale) will report the refusal of the card, the order will be automatically cancelled, informing the customer of the cancellation.

  • Con.refund:
    Thepaymentis done at the time of collecting it in Posts
    The additional cost for this modality is 3.50
    The order will be collected in the nearest post office of the domicile.
    For refunds of money will be made in the following way as long as the amount does not exceed 6 €, which in such case will be made a discount voucher for the next purchase.
    A transfer will be made where the client indicates.

  • Paypal
    In this mode the payment will be charged as the customer has contracted with paypal in the same way the returns where the company has to pay any amount will be made by the same way.
    This mode has no cost to the customer.

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