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In this section we have available electromagnet 12 and 24v for engine control, motor pumps, generators etc.

Electromagnets 100% Italian manufacturer of the brand AB Trasmissioni top quality and benefits.

These electromagnets are used for automatism, such as industrial engine control, stop, acceleration, starter, etc. We have standard electromagnets for measurements and power, or electromagnets for specific motor models such as Lombardini, Ruggerini, Kohler, etc.

Consult the application you need and we will advise you of the most suitable model.

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Lombardini 4LD and 3LD electromagnet kit

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Stop electromagnet kit for Lombardini 3Ld and 4Ld engines. Includes mounting bracket. Note: only valid for stop action, not valid for work in continuous load. It must be installed by qualified personnel. Electromagnets are not covered by the guarantee.



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