Hatz spare parts

Distributor and Official Technical Service Recambios Hatz and Motors.

In Commercial Mendez we have a wide stock of Hatz spare parts. These engines are frequent in machines such as Dumpers Ausa, Compactors and rollers such as Wacker, Bomag, Ammann, Dynapac, Rammax, JCB, Hamm, generators, lighting towers, Haullotte brand lifting platforms etc...

We have available, tanks, bearings, bielas, cylinders, pistons or complete engine equipment, as well as filters and maintenance parts, injectors, injectors, coils and battery charge regulators and a wide stock to offer the best delivery sevice to our customers.

We make national shipments with a 24-48h delivery for spare parts in stock. and international shipments with deadlines between 3 and 15 days adjusting to your budget and urgency of delivery.

History of Hatz: a global brand

Motores Hatz is a manufacturer of diesel engines from 1 to 4 cylinders. These diesel engines are used in many applications, such as construction machinery, pneumatic compressors, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, generators, lighting towers, construction machinery, compactors etc. Motores Hatz develop and manufacture diesel engines from 1.5 to 56 kW.

Hatz Divisions:

Hatz Systems, is responsible for developing and producing special units based on industrial engines.

Components, where high-precision components are manufactured specifically for the automobile industry, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering and industry. Especially in high-precision titanium machining.

After-sales services, they are responsible for supplying spare parts, engines and technical assistance services worldwide.

Motores Hatz 1B series

Hatz 1B20, 1B27, 1B20V, 1B27, 1B30, 1B30V, 1B40, 1B40V, 1B50, 1B50V.

Motores Hatz 1D series

Hatz 1D30, 1D31, 1D40, 1D41, 1D42, 1D42C, 1D50, 1D60, 1D80, 1D81, 1D81C, 1D90, 1D90V.

Motores Hatz 2G series

Spare parts Hatz 2G 30, 2G 40

Motores Hatz Series L

Des Hapiecetz 2L40, 3L40, 4L40.

Motores Hatz M series

Des Hapiecetz 2M40, 3M40, 4M40.

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