3TNE series

Sale of spare parts for motors yanmar of the 3TNE family.

Mounted in all types of machines such as tractors, minichargers, excavators, forklifts, electrogenic groups etc.

More common models: 3TNE68-CS, 3TNE68C-SA, 3TNE68-CSF, 3TNE68-EIK, 3TNE68-ETB1, 3TNE68-LG4, 3TNE68-NBAB, 3TNE74-AMM, 3TNE74-CEKM, 3TNE74-EAMM, 3TNEAETBZ, 3TNE82A-ESA, 3TNE84-AD, 3TNE84-TE, 3TNE88-ACG, 3TNE88-AMM, 3TNE88-CR, 3TN88-EBVB, 3TNE88-EMS, 3TNE88-ESA, 3TNE88-ETB, 3TNE-88

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