The latest generation diesel engines include so many technologies that a simple failure or breakdown can have catastrophic consequences. To avoid this, do you know how to care for a diesel engine ?

Avoid problems and extend the useful life of your diesel engine with these 7 tips for correct maintenance.

Tips for maintenance
of a diesel engine


Never put maintenance aside

The first piece of advice we want to give you is very clear: don't worry about engine maintenance. Be clear about the parts that your engine needs, as well as what type of oil should be used. Respect the review deadlines and always use original spare parts , since otherwise the chances of suffering a breakdown are greater.


Don't suddenly turn off the engine

It is not recommended to stop the engine abruptly after a period of intense activity. If you turn the engine off quickly, oil can collect in the turbine and the heat generated can char.


Never drain the fuel tank to the maximum

It is important to refuel before the fuel level needle drops to at least a quarter of a tank. Impurities from the fuel can accumulate at the bottom or even reach the fuel system, potentially damaging the injectors or the pump .


Check the oil level

It is essential to keep a good control of the engine oil level. A very low level can cause faults in the turbo or even in the engine itself. For its part, carrying more oil in the tank than recommended can also damage the turbo or burst a hose due to the increase in pressure. To avoid this, check the oil level every so often.


Wait for the engine to warm up

If the engine is cold, it is best to wait 10 seconds at idle before starting to use the machinery, especially in winter as the car is colder. With this, you make sure that the oil pump has had enough time so that the oil has begun to lubricate the entire engine.


Drain the fuel filter

The diesel filter has a system to filter the moisture contained in the fuel. Without this filter, moisture could reach the injection system and could even break the injection pump or the injectors.


Replace the fuel filter

It is important to change the diesel filter. With this, you will reduce the chances of impurities or particles entering the injection system.

If you want to extend the life of your diesel engine... pay attention to these 7 tips! This way you minimize the possibility of failures.

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