Engine bearings are one of those parts that we often forget about, that we don't remember until they break. However, the bearings are very important, today we are going to give them the prominence they deserve!

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about bearings , starting with what a bearing is and what it is for .

What is a bearing?

A bearing can be a single piece or a whole set of pieces on which the transmission shaft of a machine is held and rotates , such as the crankshaft or the camshaft.

The engine bearings allow the parts to rotate freely, allowing the rotation of the crankshaft and avoiding friction, thus preventing the engine from overheating.

What is a bearing used for?

The bearings in the motor serve to reduce the friction that occurs between the shafts and their parts, these being the ones in charge of supplying a lubricant surface to improve said friction.

Other bearing functions:

They transfer the heat caused by friction to the parts and not to the axes. So that the pieces wear out and the axes do not.

They are in charge of transferring the movement when two elements with a lot of weight rotate with each other.

They prevent displacement, transmit force and direct it towards a rail to prevent disengagement.

Bearing Types

Within the types of bearings, we can distinguish between two: plain bearings and plain bearings.

1. Plain bearings

Plain bearings are also the same as sleeves, bushings, or sleeve bearings. They are usually cylindrical in shape and do not contain parts that can be moved.

A standard bearing may include: cylindrical bearings for radial loads, flanged bearings for radial and light axial loads, flanged thrust and thrust washers for heavy axial loads, and slide plates of various shapes.

2. Journal bearings

Journal bearings are often useful as sleeve bearings, bearing strips, wear plates, and are often used for rotation, oscillation, and sliding.

They are often made of many materials and when selecting the product you have to take into account the operating conditions of the application and the performance requirements.

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